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VC at 100% CPU utilization, lots of memory free

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What can be causing this issue? Our CPU of VC is showing 100% with a lot of free memory. The wireless test at location is still fast but this does seem to effect ability to get into VC to manage it. We upgraded firmware to one week ago that is only change. We went back in firmware at some locations and that seemed to fix this problem. Does anyone have any other fixes instead of down grading firmware?

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Re: VC at 100% CPU utilization, lots of memory free

I have also seen with this firmware that APs were all broadcasting on the same 5Ghz channel (IAP-225), downgraded it went away. That was the extent of the troubleshooting but more is required.

For your case, try rebooting the cluster to see if it changes, if not, I would open a TAC case so they can identify a bug or not.
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