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VC reaction to an AirWave unavailability



We have several IAP-205-RW entirely managed with AirWave. We would like to understand what happen precisely if the AirWave server becomes unavailable. Especially, how many minutes after a failure of the AirWave server does it take for the IAP to be manageable again from the VC ?


I have found the following information on the forum :

"By design, IAPs send packet updates regularly to AirWave over HTTPS not SNMP.  This moves the information exchange from a request based exchange to an announcement style where the IAP gives updates at 5 minute intervals (with 1 minute check up heartbeats)."



My main question is : Is it possible to customize these parameters, or are they dependent from the OS ?


Moreover, we have run a few tests on our lab by closing the HTTPS communication port between a VC and AirWave (in order to simulate a failure of the AirWave server from the point of view of the VC).


After 5 minutes on the VC, a show log system gives :

=> Remove temp state file for Airwave

Then, each minute :

=> awc_connect to X.X.X.X

=> Failed to connect to X.X.X.X


This is very coherent with the explanation above.


However, on the VC, it takes up to 5 more minutes for the AirWave state to be changed to "Disconnected". So we can manage the IAP from the VC "only" 10 minutes after a failure of the AirWave server, which is the double of what was expected. Could you please help me to understand what happen during this time gap ? Just in case it increases...


Thank you very much for your help. I can provide you with more information or logs if needed.

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