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VLAN configuration questions, IAP-105

My predecessor did a rather hurried (and poor) job of setting up our IAP-105 based wireless networks.  I am experiencing the following as a result:


-A lot of our access points are set to DHCP

-Our access points are taking up limited address space on a crowded VLAN


Currently, our access points are connected to switch ports configured for two VLANs (e.g, VLAN1 and VLAN7).  Each VLAN has its own SSID (we are in education, one VLAN is for staff, and one with a much larger DHCP scope is for students), and unfortunately, the staff is on the exact same VLAN as the access points themselves. 


I would like to add a third VLAN (eg, VLAN3) --one for the access points themselves.  This way the access points would have their own address space (and we don't need more than a block of 254), while still providing traffic for the other two VLANs.  I'll be setting static IPs for all of them, so we'll be following best practice from now on, on the new VLAN dedicated to the access points.


My first question is, (assuming our switches support three VLANs on a port, which they do) will this work?  Secondly, our IAP-105s are currently set for a management VLAN of 0 in the Instant interface.  Is this sub-optimal, or doesn't it really matter as long as the switches they are connected to can route the traffic?  Is there anything I need to know that I'm not considering?


Thanks everyone for your help.

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Re: VLAN configuration questions, IAP-105


I would suggest to do a native vlan for APs - could be your VLAN 3 and two VLANs for users VLAN1 and VLAN7. Depends on switch make and model VLAN1 is not best choice. Consider to move to another number. 



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Re: VLAN configuration questions, IAP-105

Yes Move the AP to native VLAN and tag rest of the users vlan on the switch configured as trunk.

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