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VLAN issues

Deploying our first Aruba system.  We are a K-12 school system so we have to split staff/students for web content filtering.  Having issues getting Network Assinged Vlan to work on GUI, Virtual Controller assigned works with one VLAN. 


IAP 105 is connected HP Procurve Switch.  

VLAN 82 is untagged on port

VLAN 83 is tagged on port

Routing from core is working fine - I can ping a computer with when connected to the HP port (both 82 and 83 subnet)


I'm sure I'm missing something obvious since this is the first deployment.


Was going to attach the show tech-support results but that is still running and probably overkill.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: VLAN issues

What is the problem you are experiencing?   It looks like the problem description go cut off.

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Re: VLAN issues

Thanks for the quick response.  


When I choose Network Assigned as the VLAN type and then try and connect with a client I get varying error messages.


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Re: VLAN issues

When I change the VLAN type to Virtual Controller assigned I can connect without issue.  


We statically assign IP addresses on our network so I am creating DHCP ranges on the IAP 105 itself.  

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Re: VLAN issues

do you have a DHCP server operating on VLNA 82 or 83?



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Re: VLAN issues

Ports configured in trunk mode?

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Re: VLAN issues

The VLAN ID you put in your SSID configuration when you choose "Network assigned" will be tagged. So for the SSID you want to put on your untagged VLAN (same as your access points) You could choose "default" there.


I'm guessing you have a DHCP server on VLAN 82 where the APs get their IP-adresses, it will be the same for your clients ending up in the "default" VLAN. For the clients in VLAN 83, you need to enable a DHCP scope either on the same place your other scope is configured or you can do it on your IAP. Configure a DHCP scope with mode "local" and choose ID 83.


I'm sorry, I don't have an IAP reachable atm so if any of my options are wrong I apolegise :)



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