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Video Tutorial - Instant to Airwave (#mhc)

I am going to show you how to begin to use Airwave with an IAP by adding the device to Airwave.



  • Start by clicking System Then Admin, then input the information for your Airwaves server.


  • The Organization automatically creates the folder for you in Airwave.


  • Then input the IP for the Airwave server


  • Next the shared key. Like usual make sure they match.


After this the AP should be discoverable by Airwave. When you get the device in Airwave you need to add it to a folder. If you entered the Organization string into the VC then you will already have the folder you want created. Always import in monitor mode, Incase you place it in the wrong folder the configuration will not be changed.


Give it a min to come back up and you have finished. The IAP is now in Airwave.




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Re: Video Tutorial - Instant to Airwave (#mhc)

I wish I had this tutorial 6 months ago. lol it took me awhile and realized I was on the wrong code version to do this haha. 

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