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View PER (error-rate threshold) IAP

How do I view PER on an IAP?


One of the ways ARM on IAP decides to change a channel is based on Error-Rate threshold, which I believe is a fancy term for Packet Error Rate (PER). I believe it is:

> 50% PER over a 30-second period = channel change.


What I've been doing thus far:

# show ap debug radio-stats 0 | include "Rx Bad Fram|Rx Frames R"
...wait for 30 seconds. Issue same command.

Subtract 1st "Bad Frames" from 2nd = Total Bad Frames

Subtract 1st "Frames Recieved" from 2nd = Total Frames Recieved

PER % = Total  “Bad Frames” / Total “Frames Received”


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Re: View PER (error-rate threshold) IAP



That parameter on the controller does not have an equivalent in IAP.

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Re: View PER (error-rate threshold) IAP

The commands mentioned are on an IAP.

Are you saying there is no way, other than the above commands, to view PER on IAP?


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