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Virtual Controller IP unresponsive

I've done some looking on the forums here and I believe I have the configuration correct but I cannot seem to access my IAP cluster by the Virtual Controller IP I have configured.


A bit of background -

This is an existing IAP configuration.  The major reason why I want to use the Virtutal Controller IP is that I am installing an Airwave server in a VLAN other than the AP VLAN and I need it to be able to reach the VC-IP to manage the cluster.


All of the IAPs have static IPs in VLAN 160 (the AP VLAN), which is firewalled and completely unreachable from any of the other VLANs in the network.  The switches to which the IAPs are connected are HPE 2920's and the ports to which the IAPs are connected are untagged in 160 and tagged in multiple other VLANs including VLAN 100 where I would like to have the Virtual Controller IP and the Airwave server.


I set the VC-IP on the cluster to an IP address with the correct gateway in VLAN 100 and configured the Virtual Controller VLAN to 100.  I made sure that the switch port where the current master IAP is connected is untagged in 160 and tagged in 100, but I cannot reach the VC-IP, even from a host in VLAN 100, so I know it is not a routing problem.


What is interesting is that if I try to ping the VC-IP from the switch or my laptop, both of which have IP addresses on VLAN 100, it is unreachable, but if I look at the ARP table on the switch, there is an entry for the VC-IP on the port connected to the current Master IAP.


The cluster is running on version  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.



Re: Virtual Controller IP unresponsive

Doesn't the Virtual Controller IP need to be in the same VLAN as the AP IP addresses?

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Re: Virtual Controller IP unresponsive

The VC-IP is just a VRRP IP, so yes they need to be in the same L2 network (the IAP shouldn't let you configure a VC-IP outside of the cluster IP anyway). 

If you plan on keeping the IAP's IPs in VLAN 160, the VC-IP will have to reside there as well, then you can tag VLAN 100 for the SSIDs and assign the VAPs to VLAN 100 as well. 

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Re: Virtual Controller IP unresponsive

Hi, We have the same problem. The VC accept to be in a other subnet than the AP. When i do a show ip route in the VC, the default gateway is the gateway of the AP and not configured in VC. Why we can configure an other gateway in VC and we can't use this ? 



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