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Virtual Controller and AP Groups

Hi All.


Can I have more than one AP Group in a single Virtual Controller?

I would like to have 2 differents AP Groups in the same Virtual Controller. Is it possible?


Leandro Menezes

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Re: Virtual Controller and AP Groups

Are you running 4.1?


If so, you can use the new zones feature which would be similar to a controller AP group.


From the 4.1 User Guide (page 84):


All APs in a cluster use the same SSID configuration including master and slave IAPs. However, if you want to assign an SSID to a specific IAP, you can configure zone settings for an IAP.

The following constraints apply to the AP zone configuration:


  1. An IAP can belong to only one zone and only one zone can be configured on an SSID.

  2. If an SSID belongs to a zone, all IAPs in this zone can broadcast this SSID. If no IAP belongs to the zone configured on the SSID, the SSID is not broadcast.

  3. If an SSID does not belong to any zone, all IAPs can broadcast this SSID. You can add an AP zone by through the UI or CLI.

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Re: Virtual Controller and AP Groups

For a quick introduction to the AP Zone feature take a look at my training videos here:

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