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W-iAP93 and different subnets

I am setting up Dell W-iAP93. I have AP's in 2 different subnets (192.168.0.x & 192.168.8.x)


I am unable to see the AP in 192.168.8.x on the Virtual Controller on 192.168.0.x.


I thought I had the settings correct under Settings --> General --> L3 Mobility but nothing.


The sites are connected over our MPLS and we can ping in both directions.


Any suggestions or ideas... Thanks!

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Re: W-iAP93 and different subnets

As I understand it, you would need to manage a virtual controller at each site (or on each VLAN).  A virtual controller will only manage other IAPs that are on the same VLAN.


Re: W-iAP93 and different subnets

You wont see it as if they are on differnet networks they will create different Virtual controllers

Layer 3 mobility will let you roam between those 2 APS




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