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What About this Info means?

Hello Aruba the thins is that I have a presentation and I dont know exactly what's this terms means AP1x, Wire Contaiment AP Adjacent MAC, Wired Contaiment Suspect L3 Rogue and URL Visibility, this terms shows in Instant Controller Info Section:

Screenshot from 2016-05-09 18:17:58.png

Hope your comments!

Re: What About this Info means?

AP1x:  IAP's 802.1X Supplicant values


URL visibility:  Enabling URL visibility allows the IAP to extract the full URL information of the http and https sessions and periodically log them on the ALE server. Full url visibility for http sessions fed to ALE are exposed as Northbound API's, and are used by URL analytical engines for advanced client URL data mining and analysis.


For WIDS/WIPS terms, can you share the PPT? i need to know what context is present to explain the other two terms.

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Re: What About this Info means?

You mean this?


Re: What About this Info means?

AP Adjacent MAC - if an IAP sees a wired frame and a wireless frame within 8 positions in the MAC address (usually most cheap SOHO routers will use XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:01 for the wired and XX:X:XX:XX:XX:02-08 for the wireless). If it sees this, it will assume that it's wired in as part of it's detection algorithm, mark as a rogue, and contain it. Local security policy will dictate whether this is a good idea or not (ala good for physical secure enterprises, not goo for things like college dorms or open space where wired ports are not protected).


Suspect L3 Rogue - You can configure rules to mark something as a suspect rogue (like SNR seen at X, etc), and you can decide if you want to also contain Suspect Rogues or not (usually NOT a good idea). 

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Re: What About this Info means?

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