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What does it mean that an IAP is regionalized?

I saw an earlier post by Marcus but couldn't figure out how to reply to ask this question. I have some IAP-105s I'm thinking about shipping to an office overseas. I understand there are different regulations in different regions of the world, but if I ship an IAP-105-US to Italy, for instance, what problems might I run into?

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Re: What does it mean that an IAP is regionalized?

IAP-US is for the United States. Other areas of the world need IAP-RW. These
are regulatory domain restrictions.

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Re: What does it mean that an IAP is regionalized?

I am currently using a IAP-US in my home lab which i received at a conference. I'm in Canada. It's not that it wont work it's just that its locked down to US regualtory domain. So if your domain copies the US one, you shouldnt have any problems.


An issue is that a IAP-US will not be able to join a cluster with IAP-ROW, so they are not interoperable. However i think they would 'work' as a stand alone cluster. I don't know what kind of legal issues you might have, but as long as your device is not broadcasting outside of allowed power/channels limits i doubt anyone would bother you.


Now, would it be a supported configuraiton by Aruba? Probably not.


Edit: Wouldn't should have been would

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