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What is the maximum IPSEC Throughput for 7000-controllers?



I am looking at a design with a lot of Instant-clusters (thousands) with IPSEC VPN tunnels to controllers for some of the trafic. I'm looking to scale the controller side and woder if anyone know what IPSEC throughput a controller can handle?


What i have found is the number of supported IAP-VPN-tunnels:

7205 – 1024 clusters

7210 – 2048 clusters

7220 – 4096 clusters

7240 – 8192 clusters


But nothing about how much trafic the different controllers can handle this way. If you split a 7240-controllers maximum 40Gbps interfaces on 8192 clusters each get a theoretical 4,8Mbps, but can the controller actually process that?


All i can find online is the throughput for different RAP's and IAP's, not on the controller side. Has anyone any data on this? Anyone maby used a controller to controller IPSEC for a lot of data and have any feedback?

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