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Why an IAP "Shared Key" for AirWave Authentication?

Could I ask for some detailed enlightenment on the purpose of the "Shared Key" for AirWave authentication of an IAP, please.


These are my ramblings...


If any string can be entered on the VC, why is it needed?

A VC cannot actually "authenticate" against Airwave, as the key is not shared with Airwave prior to associating with it.

I have looked through AirWave and cannot find where the key could be referenced against a VC prior to authorising it to be managed (for example, an AirWave administrator could use the key as an identifier that the VC is legitimately trying to associate with AirWave, and delete devices that do not show the correct key).


I have trawled through previous posts and user guides, but have found no explicit answers to the above.

Platform is AirWave 8.


Thanks very much,


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Re: Why an IAP "Shared Key" for AirWave Authentication?

In Airwave, before you add the device, you can confirm if it is the same shared key you entered. Just move your mouse over Type column and you will see the shared key.

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Re: Why an IAP "Shared Key" for AirWave Authentication?

Making the work "key" a little misleading...


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Re: Why an IAP "Shared Key" for AirWave Authentication?

Thanks for your reply.

I have just configured an IAP to join AirWave, it has appeared in APs/Devices>New, and when I scroll over the "Type" field the information in the pop-up only shows "Aruba Instant Virtual Controller", no key......!?!

I get the same result whether or not I select the "New" device by ticking the checkbox (without actually adding it to AirWave).


Any further thoughts on this?




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Re: Why an IAP "Shared Key" for AirWave Authentication?

There is a bug for the key not appearing when hovering over the box (DE18635).  I'll check the AW version that will be fixed in and get back to you..............

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