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Wired Profile and Eth0 Bridging with one IAP93

Hi everybody,


I have one IAP93 connected to a switch in a port in TRUNK mode, with Untagged VLAN 100 and Tagged VLAN 300. I create a Guest SSID with parameters "Client IP Assignment = Network Assigned " and "Client VLAN Assignment = Static (3)".

I am trying to enable "Eth0 Bridging" in the "Access Point->Uplink" tab, in order to have the possibility to manage from the Virtual Controller web interface not only the client that associate with Guest SSID but also client that associate from wired network.

I also create a Wired Profile that I assign to the IAP port eth 0/0, in ACCESS state with Native VLAN 3, and I enable a DHCP server in the subnet of VLAN 3 in the Virtual Controller.

Both the Guest SSID and the Wired Profile have Captive Portal authentication.


Is this situation possible? I have encountered some issues in thi deployment, for example when I enable "Eth0 Bridging", the IAP begin to restart it periodically.

Or there is another way to obtain the management of wired client from tha VC web interface with one IAP93?






Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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