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Wireless Client Isolation

Hi - Just a few Questions around Wirteless Client Isolation and how to achieve it.


I have read a few topics on this and I am a bit confused....


Am I correct in saying to achieve "Wireless Client Isolaton" I simply enable "Deny Inter user traffic" on the VAP or is this the wrong option to look at?

If this is the correct option is this the only item that needs to be enabled to make it work?


Lastly - to enable "Deny inter user traffic" or make wireless isolation work, what licensing will be required? Is it the base licensing or will RF-Protect/PEF-NG be reqired?


Re: Wireless Client Isolation

Yes, just enable deny inter user traffic.


I would say that the PEFNG license would be required but as the setting is at the VAP level and not in a user-role I'm not 100% sure.


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