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airmonitors for IAP

Can you have airmonitors setup in Instant clusters that can convert to a WAP if a neighboring WAP is detected to be down? I believe this can be achieved with a controller. How about IAP and do you have documentation? 

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Re: airmonitors for IAP

You can not do that on Instant.
On the controller it is called ARM mode aware.
ARM mode aware was created in the past where wlans were coverage-based instead of density-based and having one access point down would mean a huge coverage hole. In the current day, having a single access point down would still allow for good coverage, so ARM mode aware on the controller is not used for that much, if at all. It still would take some time for an AM to convert to an AP using mode aware on the controller platform which makes it not very effective for quick redundancy in the event of an AP outage.

It is far better to have good density for redundancy, especially since IAPs do not support ARM mode aware...

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