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ap105 network assigned ip vs Virtual Controller Assigned ip

I have 4 ap105's using 2 SSID's. One SSID for employees, one for guest. We recently changed ISP's and when testing bandwith on each SSID, the guest is much much slower. I figured out that the 1 setting that is effecting the spped is Client IP Assignment. If virtual controller assigned, my speeds are 3m or so, if i change it to Network assigned i get 72m.  Not sure why?

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Re: ap105 network assigned ip vs Virtual Controller Assigned ip



The given information is not enough to diagnose the issue. but let me give you clarity on both methods.

Whe DHCP is selected as VC assigned, client traffic will be NATed with the VC IP and go out of the IAP. and if we choose network assigned, client traffic will go out of the VC with out NATing hence client will be treated similarly as other wired Clients.


As a work around, check your firewall whether any bandwidth restrictions are configured for the IAP subnet.


Please feel free for any further help on this.

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Re: ap105 network assigned ip vs Virtual Controller Assigned ip

I would also check the paths for each connection.  When you get an IP address from the VC your path will be natted through the VC as stated from above.  Then your next hop would be the gateway you have assigned on your VC (not sure if you are using static IP address for you IAPs or if your IAPs are getting addresses from a DHCP server).  But for testing, if you do a tracert from each connection you should see the same path leaving for outbound connections.  The IAP DHCP path would go to the IAP first and then to the outbound gateway and when you are getting an address DHCP from the LAN you should see the traffic using the gateway as your first hop.  Also, verify other DHCP settings such as DNS servers, etc.

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