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can't join existing virtual controller

I'm an Aruba noob. I have five IAP-325-US and they were recently updated from v6.5.4.6 to v8.3.0.0 via the GUI.


I just bought a new IAP-325-US and want to add it to this network because I get many "retries in" on various clients and the majority of our users are connecting to only 2 of the 5 AP's. I was hoping this new AP placed strategically could help offset contention.


However, it's running v6.4.4.4 and will not upgrade it's firmware beyond that. Why is that a problem?  Because when I give it an IP in the same VLAN and boot it up, it complains that there is a version mismatch and will not join the existing cluster. Then it says "cli module is running in a degraded state" and I can't seem to do anything at that point. It seems to reboot itself after 10 minutes.


How should I attack this? I want to join this v6.4 AP to a v8.3 cluster of IAP-325's.

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Re: can't join existing virtual controller

I forgot to add that the AP shows an update available and then errrors.


I'm truncating the error log file, here it is:

Executing '/aruba/bin/download_image_swarm --no-proxy X-Ap-Info:CNBWHN702N,b4:5d:50:c5:86:70,AP-325'
fetching ('/usr/sbin/wget -T 120 -t 3 --no-proxy --header=X-Ap-Info:CNBWHN702N,b4:5d:50:c5:86:70,AP-325 -a /tmp/download_url_log')
           => `ArubaInstant_Hercules_8.3.0.0_64659'
Resolving,,, ...
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 15,267,720 (15M) [binary/octet-stream]


14:53:35 (4.35 MB/s) - `ArubaInstant_Hercules_8.3.0.0_64659' saved [15267720/15267720]

cleaning up

----------Download log end------------
Download status: complete
----------Upgrade log start----------
Error: image flash failed
cleaning up

----------Upgrade log end------------
Upgrade status: 3


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Re: can't join existing virtual controller

my last two posts aren't showing up.


here's the solution: downloaded the v6.5 firmware and manually installed it. Then i was able to update to v8.3 via the GUI. Now it's joined to the cluster without issue.

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