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cannot upgrade AP-365 to


I have a cluster with IAP-325s running ArubaInstant_Hercules_6.5.4.1_61494

Now I have a new AP-365, running I cannot add the 365 to the cluster (different Images - that is ok for me.)

I want to patch my AP-365 to the with the same images that I have use for the IAP-325. It do not work. Error Code: "Invalid Image File".

Do someone has an idea?
Is there a separate image file for AP-365?

Thank you



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Betreff: cannot upgrade AP-365 to

ok. I think "Hercules" is the wrong image. I need "Ursa". My mistake.


For Arub newcomers:

"Hercules" is not the name for a Build of image. It is the name for the AP-family.

Hercules = IAP-314/314 and IAP-324/325

Ursa = IAP-304/305 and AP-365/367 and AP-303H


If you have only one type of AP in your cluster, you see in "Maintenance/Firmware" only one Image file with a "name". If you have different APs, you see for each type an image File.

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