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change country code

hi all,


is it possible to change the country code of iap without factory default the iap ? because the iap already production for mesh link 2 site building


and another question is,


is country code ID not support 80Mhz ? and is country code SG support 80 Mhz ?


kindly need your advice

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Re: change country code

Is there a reason you want to change the country code? What you can change the country code to depends on the AP hardware.

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Re: change country code

yes sir, the reason is i heard code ID cannot support on 80Mhz, and with country code SG can support 80Mhz, and the access point is iap 274 series.

Re: change country code

You must run the country code configured on the IAP to the country the IAP resides within. There are legal ramifications to do otherwise and you put yourself at risk. Indonesia and Singapre are two different regulatory domains.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: change country code

noted sir

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Re: change country code

As noted by jhoward in this thread, there ARE legal ramifications to changing the country code on an AP to a country that AP is not currently in, however if you are moving a RW AP from one country to another or, in my case, shipped an AP with the wrong country code, there is a way to change the code without even rebooting the AP much less wiping the config.  My instructions below assume that the AP is managed through Aruba Central and how to get rid of the country code setting within that, so skip the licensing parts and go straight to the command lines if you manage locally.




  • Log into Aruba Central and unlicense the AP
  • While webbed in, wait for the status on the AP to change to Not Connected
  • Console into the AP and type the following commands:


  1. config t
  2. virtual-controller-country XX  (where XX is the two letter country code)
  3. exit
  4. commit apply


  • The AP will commit the configuration without rebooting and in a minute, the country code will be changed.  Verify this on the webbed in screen.
  • By now, the AP should show as "down" in Aruba Central.
  • Locate the AP's entry within the Monitoring>Access Points menu by navigating there and clicking on the number above the Down heading.
  • Delete the entry by clicking the garbage can all the way to the right of the AP's entry.
  • Reassign the license and watch for the AP to connect to Aruba Central again
  • When it does, you'll notice the red popup text saying that an new device needs to be imported.  Click this pop-up notice and select the virtual controller (which should be the one your AP is under).
  • Select Add device to an existing group.  Choose the one that the AP was in before. The AP will apply the group settings and reboot.
  • After it boots, web into the AP and verify that it connects to Aruba Central and that the country code is the correct one.

Again, DO NOT CHANGE THE COUNTRY CODE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY IF THE AP IS NOT IN SAID COUNTRY.  I posted this solution so that others that need to legally change the code have the info to do so.


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Re: change country code

noted sir, thanks a lot

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