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comparison Aruba Instant/central/controller vs. Cisco WLC



One of my customers wants to replace his current older Cxxxo WLAN hardware with new one. I offered him in the first step Aruba Instant with about 10 access points and the option to switch to a controller-based solution in the second/third step (at the moment max 60 APs).


He asks for a detailed and up to date comparison between the different Aruba solutions and his current Cisco stuff. Has anyone a link or document, where this comparison is already done?


Management software like Airwave or Clearpass haven't been discussed yet: That's maybe a topic after the replacement.


Thanks in advance!


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Re: comparison Aruba Instant/central/controller vs. Cisco WLC

I've asked the same question before and the main reasons are:


The main advantage of Aruba Instant APs is that it can work  (1) standalone,  (2) with cloud-based management and (3) controller-based management using the same hardware.


hope help u!


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Re: comparison Aruba Instant/central/controller vs. Cisco WLC

Could someone help understand what are differences between aruba instant and aruba central , currently we have controller based solution , basically with ISP connectivity issues between controller and AP's we are facing lot of issues.Looking for more simple design


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Re: comparison Aruba Instant/central/controller vs. Cisco WLC

Aruba Instant is the name for the Instant APs themselves and the controllerless code they run.

Central is a cloud-based management platform for configuration, monitoring, reporting and some guest features.

IAPs can be managed locally, with Aruba AirWave or with Aruba Central.

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