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convert IAP to CAP question

Hi all, 

I have 20 IAP-275 (CO USA) and 1 controller 7030 with 20 license AP. Now, I want to convert all IAP to CAP and Controller will manage all AP. I have 1 question: 

First, If I put 20 IAP-275 in 1 switches and the same network with Controller and use command to convert from IAP to CAP, we can convert all IAP-275 to AP-275 and Controller will manage. 

Then, I reboot all AP-275 and use another controller (with IP address is different with old controller), I put all AP-275 is the same network with new Controller, so all AP-275 can connect to new controller or AP-275 will return IAP-275? 





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Re: convert IAP to CAP question

As part of the process of converting the IAPs to CAPs is giving them the master controller IP address, this will be saved as an environment variable on the AP flash. If this IP address was not reachable (i.e. a new controller with a different IP address) the APs would not find the new master. You would need to provision them with the new master IP address.

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Re: convert IAP to CAP question

HI Khang,


When we convert an IAP in to CAP, Master IP which we specify will be written into the env variables mean it will try to discover the master statically therefore either we have to reconvert it by specifying the new master IP or simply you can console it and get into the apboot> mode and specify the new master IP.


To specify a master IP through apboot> mode, use the following commands

1. setenv master <new master IP>

2. printenv ( to verify the same)

Second  option is simple so I suggest you to go with the second option.


Venu Puduchery,
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Re: convert IAP to CAP question

To answer the second part of your question, no the CAP will not revert to iAP unless you tell it to go back (not sure if it's a reset button or a console command).


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Re: convert IAP to CAP question

The 275 has a reset button near the USB console port (according to the installation guide) which means physical access to the IAP/AP is required to convert back. Perhaps in the future this could be performed remotely - feature request maybe?

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Re: convert IAP to CAP question

you can format remotely. I believe the command is 'reload erase' or something similar
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