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fixed IP info for IAP

probably totally overlooking this but how can i set fixed IP info for an IAP? I can set the virtual controller ip itself and then connect fine, but how to set gateway / mask / ...?

Re: fixed IP info for IAP

The virtual controller IP you speak of is used to have a static IP to manage a multi-Instant  AP network.   It is assigned to the IAP that becomes a Virtual Controller in the event the initial one fails.  There is no way to set the mask or gateway for this setting.


To give the IAP itself a static IP, click the IAP you want to change under the Access Points tab.  Click Edit. You can change the name and IP (mask,gw,dns,etc.).

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Re: fixed IP info for IAP

thanks, as expected i totally overlooked it, will give it a try when i boot it again.

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