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force computer to connect to specific IAP

Hello, hope everyone is doing good today,


We have a Wireless HP Thin Client computer that runs embedded windows 7. Where it is placed, there are two IAPs, one right in the same room, and another in another room through 2 walls. For some reason the computer connects to the further IAP105, through the walls, and has a weak signal(20, 20mbs) instead of the one in the same room, which gives it a signal of 50~ and 150mbs speed. Is there a way to force the computer to the IAP that is in the same room?  

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Re: force computer to connect to specific IAP

You can't really do that from the IAP side of things.

First thing what version of IAP OS are you using ?

- ClientMatch should assist you with this
- Disable lower data rates on the SSID profile level
- Adjust the power level on the ARM settings (18/12)
- Update your drivers
Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: force computer to connect to specific IAP



There are couple of things should be consider,


1. Which IAP model you are using inside the room and what is band of the SSID


2. Are there any other clients associated to the IAP inside the room.


3. What image you are using, if it is using latest code, is the Client match enabled.


Please comeback with above details ,


Please feel free for any further clarity on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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