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how to deploy larger size cluster

i was wondering how others deploy their larger size (15-25) IAP clusters? do you first configure them and then mount them to the ceiling or just mount them and afterwards do the configuring? any good / bad experiences here?

Re: how to deploy larger size cluster

Well you can do it the way you want


I preconfigure them.

I configure one, and then i turn on one more and configure it and put it a name(normally i put the place where it will be placed i dont liek putting AP1 AP2 AP3...) disconnect that and put it on the box again and put back on the box, and on the box i put the name of the place where it should be mounted.    And so on.

When they are connecting it the guys mount them just look the correct AP as they are all named and moutn them.


At lesat thats how i have been working.... and i prefer doing it this one because you can find a faulty AP that came damaged from the Fabric.... and ill get notice of that BEFORE they mount them...

If they mount them first and there is a faulty AP you will have to dismount it.


Hope it helps




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Re: how to deploy larger size cluster

We are using a third party to install "almost turn-key" for us.


We pre-install and provision a single iAP in the office area, or network room at a store.

Then our partner shows up and runs CAT5 and hangs iAPs/antennas based on our agreed-upon-in-advance map from VisualRF.


Actual provisioning is done with the first iAP, and we use Airwave templates to do the heavy lifting there.


What we end up with is as nearly cookie-cutter as we can make it -- 26 stores and counting -- with as little time/trouble as we can get away with.


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Re: how to deploy larger size cluster

thank you NightShade1 and msabin, sounds like workable solutions, probably will follow the second approach. if anyone else has a different approach please do share.

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