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iPhone does not "auto" connect to iAP2015


My client has recieved a number of new iPhones to use and they are struggling to connect to the SSIDs. When they select the SSID from the phones WiFi list it prompts for the username and password, the user enters the details/credentials and continues. The phone does not connect and then reprompts for the credentials without connecting.


If the user opts to setup the connection manually specifying all the fileds including the username and password it connects without a problem.

After manual setup reconnecting to the WiFi works however without the Manual setup it refuses to connect at all -- how and where can I start to investigate this on iAP?


We are using iAP-205 broadcasting two 802.1X SSIDs.

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Re: iPhone does not "auto" connect to iAP2015

Please try to look at the radius server logs when it happens.

If you have access to the IAP, please find out what IAP the user is authenticating on and execute "show ap debug auth-tracebuf <mac address of client>" to see if you can see the radius messages: ap debug auth-trace-buf.htm?Highlight=trace


See if you can also do "show ap debug mgmt-frames <mac address of client>";

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