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iTunes Home-Sharing with AOS

Hello Airheads Community,


this is my very first post in the community and I'm new to Aruba. Hopefully I haven't overlooked something during my search for my issue.


I'm very happy to see the AirGroup Feature. It's a very great function, which works fine for me without ClearPass, as long as I just want AirPlay and AirPrint. I was wondering why Home-Sharing is currently not supported, but in fact I don't know the DAAP Protocol not good enough to understand if there is a big problem with Home-Sharing instead of AirPlay or AirPrint.


Then I've found the AirGroup Deployment Guide for AOS

There is mentioned, that there is are several AirGroup Services, like iTunes and RemoteMgmt, which are disabled by default. Also I should be able to create new AirGroup Services by myself.


I wasn't able to find this AirGroup Services. So are they just supported by the Mobility Controller instead of the Instant? Is there anything on the Roadmap, which is already announced? The official documention of the IAP for Version 3.3.x doesn't know anything about more AirGroup Services.


To my environment:

I have only one IAP-105. The uplink is a trunk port to my firewall. The uplink port resides in the LAN, where are the Apple Ressources like iTunes. The SSID is in it's own VLAN, separated through it's own subnet and VLAN. Currently there are no firewall rules. The IAP is on the above mentioned version of AOS.


Thanks in advance.





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Re: iTunes Home-Sharing with AOS

I'm having the exact issue. I need to enable the iTunes and RemoteMgmt services on several Aruba Instant networks. 


Running a "show airgroup status" on the CLI doesn't seem to indicate these are options we can adjust when using virtual controllers.



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