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iap-103 weird behaviour on LAN interface



I've got 24 IAP-103 in an Aruba Instant VC since 2014 and the kept working fine up to now. Now since two days one of them keeps going down in my monitoring. Thus  Instant still sees the IAP and gets info of it. I cannot ping this IAP then anymore.

If you look at the IAP all you notice is that the ENET LED has gone to orange (which means it has only 100mbit Ethernet).

I can still tigger a reboot on this IAP  via Instant VC and it will reboot. Once it completed its reboot it starts working fine again but after a couple of hours it all starts anew...


Does anyone have any tips what that could be due to?




Re: iap-103 weird behaviour on LAN interface

Are the interfaces going up/down as well or possibly drawing too much power from the switch? Do you see any errors within the IAP logs?


If this is affecting a single IAP, is it worth swapping the IAP with a known working IAP to confirm it is not a switch port issue as well?

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RE: iap-103 weird behaviour on LAN interface

If you use a PoE switch, check the power provided by the PoE switch.


Thank you.

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