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iap 205-rw/325 mesh and use ethernet port

hello, i have iap 205-rw and iap 325

i tried to make wifi uplink with these models but it seems that's impossible because they are ac models

could you confirm that ?

instead, can i use mesh and use ethernet port of the far end wifi point ?

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Re: iap 205-rw/325 mesh and use ethernet port

You can use mesh with 802.11ac.  Please see the post here:



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Re: iap 205-rw/325 mesh and use ethernet port

I thank you for your response.


I have a question : it seems that the SSID i setup on 2 iaps can be hidden or disabled.

i can reboot the iaps and mesh is still working.

if i delete the SSID, mesh is stopped.

disabling the SSID, or at least hidding it, would be great, is there something bad which can happen in this case ?


Re: iap 205-rw/325 mesh and use ethernet port

For IAP, it requires at least one active SSID for the mesh to work. If all the SSIDs are deleted, the IAP essentially reverts to a default config. So you must have at least one active SSID broadcasting, even if it's hidden and 2.4Ghz only. So my rec is if you're using IAP for mesh, and you ONLY need it for mesh, create a 2.4Ghz only SSID, make the SSID non-decript (random ESSID), hide the SSID, and make it a PSK or Dot1x (no one will ever connect to ir anyway), then do your mesh. That will reserve the 5Ghz band for your mesh.  

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