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iap-205hIAP-205H setup IP camera on POE port

I have IAP-205H running behind a POE+ power strip (Wifi-Texas WS-GPOE-AT-12-56v240w). 

Setup IPCamera_port_profile to include POE enabled, native VLAN "guest", uplink enabled on port 0/3.

I set USB disabled to prevent power usage there. eth ports 0, 1, 2, 4 are all set to "default_wired_port_profile" which has them admin disabled, POE off.


Tested connectivity by plugging in a laptop and verified in wired client list, plus accessing Internet.

Camera is a QSee QCN-8004B which is 802.3af requiring 6 watts. The PSE is supposed to provide 10 watts from 802.3at. Camera does not even try to boot when plugged into the port.


2nd issue: When I come out of the port and into a POE injector, the camera boots, but I cannot access via web browser or RTSP protocol. I don't see any firewall rules to block inbound access.


I thought this would be a great and secure way to power my cameras, get flicker-free uploads for the video, and reduce the network runs.


Any thoughts on things I've overlooked? Appreciate the guidance.



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