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iap virtual controller as dhcp sever

I am using iap & configuring in my iap virtual controller as DHCP server.I am creating some 3 ssid. I this senario users connecting to the differerent ssid can they get different range of ip adress

Re: iap virtual controller as dhcp sever

Hello Mjnayak

I beliaeve you can

Go on the tabs you go up in your virtual controller go to more-> go to DHCP  click on it

and you will see thisdhcp1.JPG

On local dhcp Scopes

In there click new and put the DHCP scope and all the information in there but you put a random vlan let say you put vlan 100


When you done  go and create a new SSID

When you are in here


Put vlan network assign and put vlan 100 in there and i bealive it should work.


I do this to assign local ip address when im doing vpn termination from a instant ap to the Controller but it should work i bealive for this situation.


Try that




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Re: iap virtual controller as dhcp sever

In addition, you need to tag/trunk the configured VLAN IDs from each IAP in the cluster.  The master IAP is both the DHCP server and gateway for all clients in this mode.

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