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instant 6.4.3 where to find.

Hi All.. ok.  so im told in order to join my new IAP335's  (firmware 6.5) to my existing group of IAP 105's, 135's, and 225's i need to run instant 6.4.3 or newer on my non 335's .   when i do a check for new firmware its telling me that there are no new firmware availalble and im on  where can i go or whats the URL i can use to have it search for 6.4.3 for the other IAP's.   any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Re: instant 6.4.3 where to find.

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Re: instant 6.4.3 where to find.


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Re: instant 6.4.3 where to find.

Ok so.. i do have a resolution of sorts if you want to call it that.  in order to have the IAP 335 connect to the current group..  you have to get all of the IAP's to ver - firmware, however this version only supports IAP 225 and newer.  so, i either have to replace my 105's and 135's or not use the 335.. and unfortunately.. ill have to not use the 335.. ill eventually replace the older devices but just not right now.    so if your in my situation where you have a mix of IAP's stick with 225's for now.

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