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local controller failed to Join the VMM (CONTROLLER-IP/V6 NOT SET)

currently the configuration of the network is ,


VMM is in: 192.168.XX.23 

MD1: 192.168.XX.20

MD2: 192.168.XX.21


MD3: 192.168.YY.25 --> this controller is not joining to the VMM, this is indifferent VLAN.


here: there is no issue with IPsec, given proper IPsec.


(ArubaMM) *[mynode] #show switches

All Switches
IP Address IPv6 Address Name Location Type Model Version Status Configuration State Config Sync Time (sec) Config ID
---------- ------------ ---- -------- ---- ----- ------- ------ ------------------- ---------------------- ---------
192.168.XX.23 None ArubaMM Building1.floor1 master ArubaMM-VA up UPDATE SUCCESSFUL 0 174
192.168.XX.20 None Aruba7008MD1 Building1.floor1 MD Aruba7008 up UPDATE SUCCESSFUL 10 174
192.168.XX.21 None Aruba7008MD2 Building1.floor1 MD Aruba7008 up UPDATE SUCCESSFUL 9 174
192.168.YY.25 None Aruba7008MD3 Building1.floor1 MD Aruba7008 up CONTROLLER-IP/V6 NOT SET(aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff) N/A N/A

Total Switches:4
(ArubaMM) *[mynode] #


 please help me to resolve this issue.




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