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new install 4 IAP-105s

Hi, I have 4 new IAP-105s to install in my office, first time doing Aruba, and wanted to know best practise to setup and get them operational.

I have plugged in the first IAP105 into my laptop, the other 3 in thebox still.

we have HP PoE switch that will power the IAP-105s


any help please, or a doc to point me in the right way.


I would also like 2 SSIDs

1. Corporate

2. Guest/visitors





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Re: new install 4 IAP-105s

Hi there,

The simplicity of Instant is that you don't need to console into the AP to configure the network. Plug it in your switch, or into the ISP modem directly, power it up, and find the 'Instant' SSID. login to that, use Admin, Admin as the user AND password, and it should be very straightforward to set up the network.


Here's a youtube link to set it up:


After that, just plug in the rest of your APs (or power them all up at once), and you're set! No additional config!



Re: new install 4 IAP-105s

Don't forget Instant's FREE Online training -

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Re: new install 4 IAP-105s

After you are dobe read the thread from the following link


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