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rap-3wn for home use

brought home a rap-3wn and lit it up as my home router, followed basic setup (ssid, security, dhcp from vc) and it works great, mostly.


2 issues, first i cannot get my wired station to connect. It gets a local ip, but doesn't see the internet. Second, my chromecasts don't work anymore. I see them in the vc dashboard as connected to the ssid, but other devices on the network don't see tha like they should.


I double checked and the security features are turned off, (mb/bc filtering, slb, )


any suggestions??



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Re: rap-3wn for home use

Can't you check the datapath session table on these? And also check what role you are being assigned and cross reference that with the fw policy associated with the role? Also what acl hits you are getting? Maybe if you have deny inter user traffic enabled? Also on the loss of internet, could it just be that you are not natting? Sorry I have not worked with the raps yet so not sure what commands you need. What do you reckon?
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Re: rap-3wn for home use

Hi, Have you configured non-default wired profile? Regards,
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