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route traffic of a single vlan to internal LAN



i would like to consult over a problem we are facing. 

We have defined a new ssid for internal users . We want them to access internet (and other internal vlans) through our internal firewall Problem is that our aruba controller has a default gateway to a public network , so direct access to internet. This aruba controller has a also an interface connected to our firewall, and we have all traffic to internal LAN directed to it, but this not happens with internet. 

We don't want to change default router as it may affect guest users with captive portal and direct access to internet. How can i change this only to make this new ssid users to access internet and other LANs to our firewall. Thanks a lot for your help. 


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Re: route traffic of a single vlan to internal LAN

Why is the controller directly connected to the internet. I think it would've been better to have the internet connect to the firewall and the firewall to the controller. 


I'm not sure but otherwise I think you can create routing to the subnets at the firewall on the controller. But I don't think it's recommended either.



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