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Re: users seeing dropped connections

The only thing I see that is too different is for some reason we enabled
broadcast filtering for ARP only. Not sure if this would have any impact
on you.

If the network dropping is happening frequently, you could drop 2.4 GHz for
a short period to see if the network stabilizes. I understand your issue,
we have 4 devices we have to replace to m ake this work.


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Re: users seeing dropped connections



Please change you RF settings:


 wide-bands 5ghz
 min-tx-power 6 -SET TO 12
 max-tx-power 127 - SET TO 15
 band-steering-mode prefer-5ghz 
 air-time-fairness-mode fair-access - SET TO Preferred Access


See the changes in the RF.  

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Re: users seeing dropped connections

I'll give these changes a shot and let you know how we make out.


I do have one question, for the minimum power, I set it low because each of our rooms has an AP, so there's a fair amount of interference, particlularly on the 2.4GHz band where there are limited channels to use. Is there a way to set the TX power of the different radios/bands to different settings? I wouldn't be opposed to turning off an AP's 2.4GHz radios to have a more coverage-over-capacity model on that band, but keep all the AP's 5Ghz radios on as a capacity-over-coverage model.

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Re: users seeing dropped connections



Don't mind the 2,4 GHz band. It has to be there do not turn it off, you can however use this command in the ARM; 

band-steering-mode force-5ghz

this will force all the clients with 5 ghz radios up on the high band, and everyone is happy. 

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