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virtual controller preauth timer

When you have a virtual controller with captive portal, the user is associated to  preauth rol, right?

I see that if you don´t specify the preauth rol in the SSID, the user is associated to a default  one , right?

My question if my knowledge of preauth rol are correct is, this preauthentication rol, has it got timer for  expired? Is this timer configurable?

In other words, how many time has the user to introduce the credentials?

I have this problem becasue I have got an external captive portal (clearpass) with sms registration, and I saw this behaviur, if the user logins before 60 seconds all works fine, but is the user does it pass 60 seconds the login portal fails (it´s not showed).

The problem is that the sms over smtp provider takes about 1 minute to provide the message with the credentials.



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Re: virtual controller preauth timer

I'm not aware of any timers in the pre-auth role; and cannot even think about what the result would be as the pre-auth role would expire.


Users should stay in the captive portal role until they are authenticated. If you are using an external captive portal and rely on automatic white-listing, it might be good to create your own pre-authentication role and allow the external captive portal (and its resources) to avoid that there is a whitelisting issue.


If that does not help, please open a support case at Aruba TAC, as they can troubleshoot with you in your enviroment. 

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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