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virtual controller / vlan / auto join problems

Good day-

Deployment scenario:

vlan 101 is network and this is what the virtual controller AND the employee clients ride on.

vlan 103 is network and this is what the guest clients ride on.


I have an AP1 that I set no IP info on the AP itself, but on the virtual controller I assigned vlan 101, IP  It also has employee and guest network configured.  All is totally functional.


Enter AP2 that I know I configured vlan 101 on the VC but can't remember the IP address I assigned to the VC.  Again, assigned no IP to the ap (only to the virtual controller) and also configured same settings on guest and employee network.  When I watch the UI from (AP1) , I see zero information on additional AP coming on line, however I see it come up with wifi analyzer app (inssider) and, when pulling the power on AP1, my NIC stays connected to guest and/or employee vlan, so that is all fine, aside from the fact that I don't know the IP of VC on AP2, so not sure how to access it unless I talk to network admin and ask him to advise me of arp (I cannot access the PoE switch that the APs connect to).


Finally, and here's my real questions: Enter AP3.  I see the guest and employee wireless network come up in inssider (so I see 3 APs now for each SSID), but cannot connect to the guest nor the employee network on this last AP (no errors, no invalid key, etc.).  Then, when I move back closer to AP1 or AP2 to connect to AP1 or AP2, I need to delete the wirless networks/settings in my NIC so I can re-connect to AP1 or AP2.


So, these symptoms suggest that the wireless network configuration on AP3 (ssid/vlan guest and employee) do not get wiped/overwritten when there is a master and then a (previously configured) AP3 comes on line in the vicinity. I wonder if I should wipe out the network/vlan settings on AP3, make sure vlan 101 and IP of 10.1.0.X is assigned to the Virtual Controller?  Or I expect, if I totally wipe config on AP3, it will not 'talk' to the other APs since only vlan 101 and vlan103 are passing on these ports (read: I think I need vlan 101 assigned to VC for master election to take place.  Any suggestions?  The user guide shows minimal info on the Advanced Settings for virtual controller and doesn't give me the info I would like to know on Master Election Protocol.  It looks at present like, if guest and employee networks are configured on AP1 and AP3 but they are configured different, we have 'duelling banjos' going on which keeps both APs from being fully functional.  Also of note - when I bring AP3 on line, I can no longer access AP1 at


Sorry for the long post, but wanted to be thorough in what I have configured and what symptoms I'm seeing.  this isn't as easy of a deployment as 'plug in and have configured before your toast is done', at least not to me.  Thanks in advance for any input...Jeff

Re: virtual controller / vlan / auto join problems

It sounds symptomatic of a duplicate ip.  Make sure that the VC address is excluded in your dhcp scope for that range.

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