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wifi roaming AP-105 with instant controller



I'm new to Aruba Networks equipment.

I installed a wireless network with 16 AP-105's and I use an AP-105 as instant controller.


Setup is very simple; a Windows server with an active DHCP server and 2 SSID's are configured, one for people who work at this place, who don't get internet access and one for ICT employees who do get internet access.


This wireless network is mainly used by employees who can monitor camera's on Samsung Tab 3 10.1 tablets. Usually the tablets are used on fixed places but occassionaly people want to walk around with the tablet to monitor a camera while on the move.


It all works fine but I noticed when I'm connected to the network and watching a camera and I start walking around I lose connection when I enter the next cell (next AP) the connection will be lost for a short time resulting in a temporary loss of the video feed (which restores itself after the connection is reestablished).


Is there a way to prevent this? Any help welcome, thanks!

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Re: wifi roaming AP-105 with instant controller

Can you start a constant ping and see how many pings you lose while roaming?


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Re: wifi roaming AP-105 with instant controller



Thanks for your reply!


I'm at the site today unfortunately. Tomorrow I will be.

I will try this tomorrow and report back here.





Re: wifi roaming AP-105 with instant controller

It would be interesting if you could check if when you are not moving you are connected to 5ghz band.

If the inspeccion was done on 2.4ghz which it happens A LOT in my country that could be the issue... you get disconnected from 5ghz and then it reconnect to a 2.4ghz band....

To seamsless roaming you need to have a site survey doneno 5ghz not in 2.4ghz.

This would explain your temporary lost in the video.


Just as a review in WLAN.

2.4ghz has more range but it has less usable channels(3 usable channels)

5ghz has less range, less noise, but more channels(23 usables channels)


So whenever you do a site survey for a dual band dual radio APS you need to do it on 5ghz.


It would be nice that if you had a Fluke air checker or something similar, if you could check the range of the 5ghz band, to see if it well covered, to roam.





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