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zone ssid

Hi All,


I need some advise regarding ssid zoning.  Say for example we have 3 IAP-103 access points in a cluster. AP1, AP2 and AP3


We have 2 SSIDs, example "Staff" and "Guest"


How do I configure the AP1 to broadcast the "Staff" and "Guest" SSIDs, AP2 to broadcast only the "Guest" SSID and AP3 to broadcast the only the "Staff" SSID?



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Re: zone ssid

With the current way zones work I do not think this is possible. From the guide:


- An IAP can belong to only one zone and only one zone can be configured on an SSID.

- If an SSID belongs to a zone, all IAPs in this zone can broadcast this SSID. If no IAP belongs to the zone configured on the SSID, the SSID is not broadcast.

- If an SSID does not belong to any zone, all IAPs can broadcast this SSID.


I also tried to create the same SSID twice and assign each instance of the SSID to a different zone, but it will not allow duplicate SSID to be created even with a different zone.

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Re: zone ssid

Thanks for the prompt reply.

This was my conclusion too, I was hoping I interpreted the user guide
incorrectly. I guess I'm going to have to create a new ssid and zone. But
this will cause some other headaches with the applications/ devices!
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