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HPE FlexFabric Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect (DRNI) VRD

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This document provides details on how to deploy a Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect (DRNI) Top-of-Rack (ToR) solution in a standard OSPF Spine and Leaf Fabric.


The focus on the document will be the configuration of the DRNI pair attached at the ToR. In this example:
• DR system connects to southbound switch to simulate host using a layer 2 link aggregation group (LAG).
• DR Device 5940-6 will be the Master for traffic in VLAN10
• DR Device 5940-3 will be the Master for traffic in VLAN 20
• DR System connects to OSPF fabric via /24 routed interfaces with ECMP. (Configuration of the Spine switches and Rack 2 switch are out of scope)
o Each DRNI pair connects to both spine switches


The doc also shows basic Ixia tests and results for various failure scenarios.

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Thanks Steve and Deryl for DRNI docs.

From the test you did, the disruption will be happened whether one of IPL, uplink and chassis is broken, right?

Is it normal? Is there any way to minimize the downtime?

Thank you.

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