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8400 vs 6405 features?

Are there any differences in features between 8400 and 6405? 6405 would be fine for our new DC but as there's only 64 VRFs it's not enough. We'd have to get separate routers because of the VRFs, even though we only have few thousands of routes.


Of course having dynamic segmentation everywhere would help but it's going to take a long time to replace all the access switches

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Re: 8400 vs 6405 features?


@pubjohndoe wrote: 6405 would be fine for our new DC but as there's only 64 VRFs it's not enough.

That will be an issue also if you opt for Aruba CX 8400 since all ArubaOS-CX based switch series - actually - support the very same maximum number of VRFs (which is exactly 64).


What I see are mostly Hardware related capability differences, as example: Dedicated Tables versus Shared Tables, IPv4/IPv6 Routes, OSPF areas, BFD sessions, MACs and ARPs...just to name a few...but, speaking about Dynamic Segmentation (and I'm not an expert about such a feature), it looks like that only Aruba CX 6300F/M and the Aruba CX 6400 Switch series provide support for the user-based tunneling...and maybe this is a particular feature you would require or explore.


Another interesting point is that if your deployment is going to see a lot of need to check about (and against) ARPs/NDs resolution limits and MACs Table limits of both platforms.


Re: 8400 vs 6405 features?

You are correct one reason to do lot's of VRFs and not just L2 towards firewall is that firewalls usually have lower max ARP count. Even if the FW can do tens of gigs of throughput it can only handle something like 16k ARP entries. So that's why the DC "router" should handle all this and then have /31 per device towards the FW.


Dynamic Segmentation is more an access layer featrue and not something that's used in the DC

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Re: 8400 vs 6405 features?

8400 supports higher number of ARP/ND than 6405.

if 64 VRFs is not enough for you, please connect to your Aruba contact and raise the request (this is mainly about scale test validation).

Something to consider: managing such high number of VRFs for daily operations and troubleshooting might be difficult.

We see many customers moving out of VRFs to dynamic segmentation which brings simplification on their operating model.

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