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Aruba 8320 VSX Provision



I have a standalone 8320 currently working as core router. I need to provision a second 8320 as VSX peer and I'm not familiar with the procedure. Documentation says that if the software version match, the primary and secondary roles are defined and the ISL and Keepalive are configured, then the configuration is synced. Is that correct? I mean, if I meet these 4 statements and just plug the new box to the old one thorugh the ISL and keepalive, VSX cluster will be formed? should I expect primary switch reboot?


My other concern is which FHRP use, VRRP or active-gateway, as I'm not familiar with Active Gateway.. I would prefer VRRP as I know how works, but I'm not sure if the VRRP messges can be exchanged through the inter switch Link. Is that possible?

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Re: Aruba 8320 VSX Provision

Here you see al the neccesary steps for configuring a VSX:


It will help  you to understand what VSX does (partial config sync), and how to configure that.


Active gateway is the prefered because it is active-active, so more traffic will be forwarded locally on the first hop, and there are no failover times on the core router.



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