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DCN & HOS2 Integration at OpenStack Summit Austin 2016

The HPE DC TME team supported OpenStack summit Austin 2016 by showcasing DC automation/orchestration with Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) / HPE Helion OpenStack (HOS2) integration.


Here is a summary of our observations:
• OpenStack is widely accepted by the industry as well as the community
• Many of the customers/partners we interacted with during the summit are either evaluating or investing into the development of the OpenStack
• HPE is a major sponsor of the event, we setup a separate HPE VIP lounge to have more focused customer engagements
• DC TME team showcased the DC automation/orchestration solution of DCN/Helion OpenStack integration, which was a huge “Aha” moment for analysts, customers and HPE staff who can witness “Micro-segmentation” and “Service-Insertion” in real life
• Customers who stopped by and listened at our booth were impressed and surprised to see we had such a capability



Below is a topology of the demo environment, customers can now utilize advanced networking functionalities (such as micro-segmentation and service-insertion) in their HPE Helion OpenStack deployments.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.42.38 PM.png


If you plan to be at HPE Discover Jun 2016 in Las Vegas, drop by our DC Network Virtualization booth to learn more about this integration! 

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