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Extending VLANs across multiple switches

This is a bit more of a general networking question with some new Aruba switches I have.

Migrating a VM farm from an old network (subnet A for simplicity) ... this farm connects to a Cisco 6500 switch on its own vlan / subnet.

I will add a new Aruba 8320 switch to this existing infrastructure in readiness to eventually take over the role of the old Cisco 6500 switch (which holds the SVI - default gateway for the VM farm). I’m just a little stuck on this VM farm migration ... I need to migrate it to new hardware with as little down time as possible ... use the same address space when it transits over to the new switch / hardware.

I’m thinking of making a trunk link between the 8320 and Cisco 6500 ... add same vlan / SVI on 8320 and just quickly remove the SVI on the old Cisco switch ... so effectively move the VM farms default gateway to a new switch ... then migrate the farm across to new hardware / storage.

Bit of a ramble but is this the best way - feels dodgy to me but I can’t think of a better way?

Thanks :-)
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