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HPE Comware Lab - Simulator

Hi All,


HCL (H3C Cloud Simulator) is an exciting drag and drop application that allows you to simulate the Comware version 7 operating system. You can create a virtual networking environment to include Comware v7 based routers and switches. It enables you to keep your networking environment virtual or bridge your virtual environment to an external network using the TAP interface.


HNS is a script based model of the same simulator.


Select the operating system from the Drop down menu and download.

HPE Comware Lab (HCL) is under "Software (1)"

HPE Network Simulator (HNS) is under "Software - Tools (1)"


HPE Comware Simulators 



The web-based Self paced training for HNS is available externally for anyone and everyone (no logins required)

HNS Web-Based Brainshark Training


The HNS toosl can be integrated with GNS3 for installation and operation of multivendor virtual labs with VirtualBox. Attached is a guide which explains the integration.


NOTE: HP Comware OS devices are now HPE Networking devices.





Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator

It won't install as it thinks VirtualBox 5.0.14 is less than 4.2.18 and wants me to upgrade.


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Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator

Well you can always downgrade Virtualbox - I have had success in doing the following: 


The simulator wants the environment variable VBOX_INSTALL_PATH latest  virtual box uses  a different name for the same concept -  just copy the path in that variable to this one. 


You find this under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System then choose the Advanced system settings button -  Choose Environment Variables. For localized versions of Windows it can have other names


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Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator


I have the same problem, but adding the variable "VBOX_INSTALL_PATH" doesn't work for me. I have installed the latest VirtualBox Version (5.1.26) and HCL 7.1.59. When I start the programm I only see the message "please check your installation of VirtualBox API".

I tried to downgrade VirtualBox to 4.2. but then VirtualBox won't start anymore. Maybe because of windows 10 (build 1703).

Is there a newer Version of HCL available or any other solution?

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Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator

Hi do you have the latest version of hcl?


its available here:


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Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator

Thank you for the link. With this version it works with VirtualBox 5.1

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Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator

greetings. To save you the pain of sorting through all the information:

If you want to run the comware/H3C/HPE cloud lab on Windows 10 64bit you need to use:

- Virtualbox 4.2.24 (Oracle "old builds"

- Comware lab > see H3C website and search for "H3C Cloud Lab" (link) - the HPE lab version 7.x is actually older and the H3C version 2.1 runs EVPN


install all to your system, then force "windows 7 compatibility" mode and "run as administrator"


make sure you create environment variables for the Virtualbox API

"VBOX_INSTALL_PATH" and point it to the Virtualbox install directory




remember to save and close the H3C lab software or you will have to re-build the whole thing as it will not start again of you don't (let me know if you fixed it, please)



have fun!


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Re: HPE Comware Lab - Simulator


Hey guys,


have someone tried to export the Comware Switch image and use it on GNS3 with Qemu?


I want to run Comware devices side by side with CX devices and build a big LAB...



- - - - -
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