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Migrating from VMWARE to VirtualBox

I'm seeking to migrate an present VM from VMWARE to VirtualBox. i have made a copy of the virtual system folder for the VM (so i'm able to experiment and no longer smash the authentic) and feature effectively created a VM in VirtualBox. i've got the entirety booting and running, but the issue is that VM is the use of the "flat" disk picture instead of the precise disk photograph inflicting the disk photograph to be from the past (I realize this due to the fact all of the documents on the gadget have a timestamp of 2009).

To difficult, within the VM's folder i have the subsequent vmdk files:

Win2003.vmdk (1 K)
Win2003-flat.vmdk (15 gigs)
Win2003-000002.vmdk (10 gigs)

 NOTE: the disk is dynamic.


searching in the configuration of the VM underneath VMWARE NSX, it says that it's the use of the win2003-000002.vmdk as the disk image.

when I import the disk image into VirtualBox (the Win2003.vmdk document), it uses the Win2003-flat.vmdk disk photo.


My query is, what am i able to do to both combine or import the Win2003-000002.vmdk disk image into the Win2003-flat.vmdk disk photo in order that VirtualBox will use the suitable disk photo?

i've a few instructions on the usage of vmware-vdiskmanager.exe to accomplish this, but i get an errors pointing out "The determine of this virtual disk could not be opened."

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Re: Migrating from VMWARE to VirtualBox

HI Soujanya,


Please find the link below which may help in resloving your issue


If you need any further help, please contact your VMware support.




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