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Upstream VRRP / HSRP routers and Aruba/HP 2530-24G Switch (J9776A) switch


We have an uplink provider which comes to us with two routers using VRRP or HSPR.

I connect both of them into Aruba switch and provider technician told, that they cannot communicate with each other. We test both - HSRP and VRRP.

Both ports are untagged with the same VLAN. 


For the test, also I used dumb $5 switch and, in this case, everything works perfectly.


My thoughts were - VRRP and HSRP both using multicast and our switch blocks multicast.


Can somebody check our configuration and check, where I got wrong? 

I quite new to HPE/Aruba, before I working mainly with Cisco.  


The switch is HP 2530-24G Switch (J9776A), 

ARUBA24-2# sh ver

Image stamp: /ws/swbuildm/rel_xanadu_zeus_qaoff/code/build/lakes(swbuildm_rel_xanadu_zeus_qaoff_rel_xanadu_zeus)
Sep 5 2018 11:47:06
Boot Image: Primary

Boot ROM Version: YA.15.20


Configuration (I cut rest VLANs, I used VLAN 990 for connecting provider equipment):

; J9776A Configuration Editor; Created on release #YA.16.07.0002; Ver #14:

hostname "ARUBA24-1"
trunk 25-26 trk18 lacp
no telnet-server
no web-management
web-management ssl
ip default-gateway *****
**** here cut rest VLANs ****
vlan 990

    name "Provider lines"
    untagged 15,17,19,21
    no ip address

no tftp server
no dhcp config-file-update
no dhcp image-file-update
no dhcp tr69-acs-url


Can somebody check, what is wrong with my configuration?


Thank you in advance, 


Prague, Czech Republic.


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