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VSX across two 8320’s


I have two 8320’s that I have joined up with VSX. I can see the show vsx displays it is working and the config is synced ... I was expecting to see all interfaces from both switches showing when logged into the primary switch.

I was expecting to see something similar to VSS in Cisco world and virtually joining both switches.

Have I completely misunderstood VSX or should this should both switches config / interfaces when on the primary?

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Re: VSX across two 8320’s

Each VSX node (no matter if it owns the Primary or Secondary role) has its own control plane (so VSX is not like IRF, as example...there is not a shared control plane)...that's not a problem because VSX lets you to check VSX peer's status suffixing commands with the option if you are logged, let me say, on the secondary Aruba 8320 of your VSX just executing the show vsx status vsx-peer will let you to see the output of show vsx status as it was executed on the VSX peer (the Primary in this case).


I suggest you to read the VSX Configuration Guide to understand how VSX works (see here) and the VSX Solution Brief here.



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Re: VSX across two 8320’s

Thanks that’s really useful
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